This is the story of the old generation Almansor's, who started with buying
Ch. Golden Star's Aimée, who was later the brood bitch. After a successful start on
the shows she got the first litter
in the kennel Almansor (the A-Litter had Almansor
at least) by Ch. Lorbas vom Meiendorf. Lorbas was German Champion and one of
the most successful racing-dogs in his time (German Derby-Winner 1973,
International Derby-Winner 1974, Bundesrennsieger 1974, Verbandsrennsieger
One word before: It is not easy after a long time to search all dates, so we can only show
here several dogs of the past. We try to tell the important titles and don't write all the
The A-Litter was very promissing, so
followed the repetition in 1977

1978 we had the C-Litter by Ch.
Chris vom Kleinen Berg ex Ch.
Golden Star's Aimée. Chris was also
a successful racing-dog.

The D-Litter went completly to
private owners and never a dog was
shown or doing racings, so we don't
write about it here.
Ch. Almansor's Bugsy-Malone with her
daughter Ch. Almansor's Funny-Girl
In 1980 came the E-Litter, where one male went to Polen where he had a big
influence on the breeding and also in the Ex-GDR. His name was Ch. Almansor's
Everett-Peabody. The parents of this litter were Ch. Bredand Percy Vere (our first
import) and Ch. Almansor's Bugsy-Malone.

1982 followed the last litter from the "old generation" Almansor's, the F-Litter by
Ch. Statesman of Silkstone (owner: Frank Sampers, NL) ex Ch. Almansor's Bugsy

The E- and the F-Litter were the beginning of that, what followed with the "restart"
of breeding in 1993 (watch "Dogs" Ch. Almansor's Ginger Ale and Ch. Almansor's
Gin Tonic): The breeding of classical "Standard"-Whippets with good character
and temperament with the english touch. The racing wasn't interesting any more.
by Joachim Kiack