In 1971 I got my first dog, a Dalmatian-bitch. I enjoyed her, but she died very early after an
illness. The sister of my first wife owned Afghans and she was a member of the DWZRV,
the German Sighthound-Club, and the Racing-Club in Berlin. So we got in 1973 an Afghan-
bitch from an irish breeder. Her name was Djura of Jamboree.
From this time I was interested in sighthound-sports, I visited shows and racings in
Germany and other european countries. I was also a member of the DWZRV and the
Racing-Club, where I was in the management for some years. I trained the sighthounds in
our club and got the licence to be the referee on racings. On shows I had the show-
management or was helping in the rings.
A second Afghan from the "al Ghazi"-Kennel came to my home.
Djura of Jamboree
I was a little disappointed about the reticence of
the Afghans, because I knew another character
from my Dalmatian: When I came back home,
she was happy and jumping and in the evening
she was lieing together with me on the sofa. The
Afghans were reserved, said "hello" with their
waking tales, but they didn't stand up. This was
the reason, why I bought a Whippet-bitch. I met
Whippets on the shows and racings before, so I
knew a lot about their temperament. Of course I
wanted to breed Afghans and I had a mating with
my first bitch, but she got no pups.
The Whippet-bitch was successful on
shows and she finished her german
champion, but she wasn't a good bitch for
racing. So I decided to do a whippet-litter.
This litter was very successful and I never
had an Afghan-litter.

My first Whippet-bitch, Ch. Golden Star's
(Ch. Quickboy von Burgfried ex
Ch. Genette vom Buchwald) I got in 1974.
It was the first Whippet-litter after 30
years in Berlin (breeder: W. Behnke). She
was the start of my breeding and the last
descendant of the kennel "Burgfried" who
was dominant in Germany in the fifties and
sixties (breeder: v. Watzdorf).
In 1976 I had my first litter from Ch.
Lorbas vom Meiendorf
(Caramba vom
ex Bella Donna's Antilope)
ex Ch. Golden Star's Aimée. From this
combination came the successful sisters
Ch. Ayleen-Girl Almansor and Ch. Angie
Almansor. From the repeat of that
litter in 1977 I took the bitch Ch.
Almansor's Bugsy-Malone
. In the next
litter by Ch. Chris vom kleinen Berg ex
Ch. Golden Star's Aimée I got the male
Ch. Almansor's Chapman-Smiley.
Breeder's Portrait
by Joachim Kiack
The kennelname „Almansor's" comes from the
Arabian language. The translation is: "The one
who would be the winner". This kennelname was
for the breeding of Afghans, but sometimes life
goes into another direction.
Ch. Golden Star's Aimée
When I'm looking back, I can say, that I had "happy hands" with my first litters who were so
In 1978 I imported my first dog from England: Ch. Bredand Percy Vere (Ch. Gunsmith of
ex Hillgarth Sunkist), breeder M.G.M. Bex. A white dog, who had in 2nd and 3rd
generation so important dogs as Ch. Cockrow Tarquogan of Glenbervie, Ch. Samarkands
Greenbrae Tarragon, Ch. Ravensdown Bright Star
and Ch. Deepridge Mintmaster. Percy was an
exceptional dog, who I'll never forget and who impressed my following way as a breeder. He was
very successful and was Int., German, Polish Champion and VDH-Winner. He started 3times on
the European Show and won 3times, the last title with 9 years. He had the racing-licence. Percy
died with 17 ½ years. Until his high age he was a beautiful and wonderful dog (with 16 ¾ years he
won BIS at the young-dog and veteransday in the Netherlands). From the combination with him
and Ch. Almansor's Bugsy-Malone came Ch. Almansor's Easy Rider, who was World Junior
Winner. Another male from this litter was sold to Poland: Ch. Almansor's Everett-Peabody
(owner: M. Orel) was one of the stud dogs, who was mostly used in Poland in his time. You can
find him also in a lot of pedigrees of the Whippets from the Ex-GDR.
My last litter for some years - I can't breed for some years (the reasons were private and work),
but I was still interested in the sighthound-scene over the years - was by the 2times Worldwinner
Ch. Statesman of Silkstone (Topall Newbold Miquel ex Lady Tarquin) (owner F. Sampers) and
Ch. Almansor's Bugsy-Malone. I mean, it was a good combination, I got the successful dogs Ch.
Almansor's Funny-Girl
, Ch. Almansor's First Choice, Ch. Almansor's Future Dream and
Almansor's Float-On. Float-On died with 15 months - a pity, she had championquality.
In 1993 I started with breeding again. With my white bitch Ch. Showstar Butterfly, a
granddaughter of Ch. Bredand Percy Vere and daughter of Ch. Appelation Controlé du Pont
de Cassandra
(Ch. So proudly we Hail du Sac à Malices ex Secret de Fabrication du Merle
), I did a litter with my french importmale Ch. Fly du Manoir de la Grenouillère
(Oakbark Master Quizz ex Ch. Almaglo Norcis (her parents were Ch. Samarkands Sigma and
Ch. Silkstone Spun Silk)). From this litter I took Ch. Almansor's Ginger Ale. She was German
Ch., German KC-Ch., Lux. Ch., European Junior Winner and European Winner and BOB in
1996 under Mr. Dennis Meakin, GB. Her litter sister is Ch. Almansor's Gin Tonic (owner W.
In December 1993 we got the english Champion-Lady Silkstone Finesse (Thurma Royal
ex Ch. Firedance at Silkstone) (breeder: R. Wright-Smith). Within one year she
got her titles on the continent: German Ch., German KC-Ch. and Int. Ch. She had 2 litters in
England before she came to our home. On of her daughters, Ch. Silkstone Jewel in the
(Ch. Pencloe Dutch Gold ex Ch. Silkstone Finesse) was in 1994 BOB on Crufts and
2nd in the Hound-group. At her new owner Frank Pieterse (Statuesque) in Australia she was
BIS on the Sydney Royal, the biggest show in Australia. She died to early through an accident.
Finesse (Becca) was the best for my breeding: Out
of the combination with
Ch. Fly du Manoir de la
Grenouillère I got Ch. Almansor's Honky Tonk
Woman. Also very good for my breeding was my
second english importmale
Ch. Oakbark Midnight
Mint (Jazz) (Ch. Cobyco Cavalier ex Ch.
Moonlight Model at Oakbark), breeder: J.
Meakin. He came to us in 1995. The sister of him,
Ch. Oakbark Mistic Meg, won BOB on Crufts 1998
and was Top Hound in England.
In the combination Ch. Oakbark Midnight Mint ex
Ch. Silkstone Finesse I got the successful "I-
litter"(Ironman, Intel, Isley, Itsy-Bitsy, Ice-T,
Ch. Almansor's Ironman
The "K-litter"by Ch. Almansor's Ironman ex Ch. Almansor's Honky Tonk Woman is on the
shows now. Kir Royal and Krazy Dazy are German Champion, their sister Kentucky has 2 CC,
Kid Creole had 6 CC in 3 countries.

In 2001 I went to England - a long and difficult way - for a mating by Ch. Oakbark Millennium
with my bitch Ch. Almansor's Intel Inside. I saw this male on the Whippet-congress in
England in 1999 and so I was only waiting for the time, were we can travel with dogs to England.
From the L-litter out of this combination, born in April 2001, I got Ch. Almansor's Local Hero, a
successful boy, who's is living with us. He finished five championtitles (International, German,
German Kennel Club, Swedish, Dutch Ch.), but got also different special titles as European
Champion 2006, FCI-EuroSighthound 2006, Winner Donaueschingen 2005 + 2006, Specialty
Winner 2005.

But this journey bring me also another good thing for my breeding plans: I bought Ch. Silkstone
Secret Gold
, who is the father of my last 2 litters: The M-litter by my Ch. Almansor's Honky
Tonk Woman
(born 2002). From this litter I took Ch. Almansor's Magic Moments for my own and
for the future. The N-litter, who was born in Octobre 2003, is by Ch. Almansor's Intel Inside and
from this litter I took the bitch Ch. Almansor's No Angel for my breeding future (now back in the

In 2004 I did an experience to combinate my breeding with some american blood. Ch.
Almansor's Intel Inside
was again in England for a mating with Ch. Airescot Ruby Rascal, a male
from Sweden (Ch. Statuesque Extortion ex Ch. Airescot Red Redee). I know the parents and
some of the grandparents from my visits in Sweden and Rascal has an Oakbark-Grandmother:
Ch. Oakbark Mercia is the sister to Ch. Oakbark Mariel, the grandmother of my Ch.
Almansor's Local Hero. So I have new blood to fresh up and go back to my own breeding. From
this litter I took the only bitch Almansor's Object of Desire. But I never got the chance to breed
with her. In August 2006 she had a tragical accident: She was running into a fence and died within
short minutes on the way to the vet.

In February 2006 the P-litter is born. A combination out of Ch. Almansor's Local Hero ex Ch.
Almansor's Magic Moments
- "back to the roots". From this litter I have a little male at my
home: Almansor's Pet Shop Boy.

In January 2006 I took with 7 months a swedish daughter from our Ch. Almansor's Local Hero:
Budkavlen's Bonnaire. In her pedigree are some interesting Whippets, who will be a lovely
addition to my own breeding. Her grandfather is Ch. Hubbestad Red Devil, a dog, who I judged in
1997 in Sweden and I liked his qualities so much, that I wanted to breed with him since several
years. I planned with him my Q-litter in combination with Ch. Almansor's No Angel, but he can't
produce puppies anymore. So I decided to take a young boy from France: J.Ch. Taraly Very
Close to Heaven
. His grandfather is Ch. Cobyco Cavalier, the father to my Ch. Oakbark
Midnight Mint
(Angel's grandfather).

I have maximum one litter a year. I had also breaks over some years. This can be also in the
future, because I always want to take one pup out of the litters, because I only do a litter, when I
would to take a pup out of it, I must be satisfied of a litter I do.

I am a judge (FCI/VDH/DWZRV) for the breed Whippet. So I can look for our breed in foreign
countries and analyse, what happens there.